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Loose Leash Walking & Off Leash Recall

Looking for a training program specifically tailored to fit your specific leash needs! We created a program for you to learn how to stop your dog from pulling on the leash! This is ideal for people who have most of their training but need just a little bit of professional help with a few concerns. We have you covered!

Our six day Loose leash walking course will be able to teach you to have no more pulling when going through the door, when going on a walk around the block, when you see other people or dogs! Stop the jumping up on your kids and guests! Help your dog learn some leash manners!

Followed up with our Off Leash Recall Course! Does your dog ever run away? The Off Leash course are private dog training sessions to help your dog have a reliable come command. Your dog will learn to come when you call and you will also be given an ecollar with this program.

Enjoy some fun with a small group sessions of doggies and owners! Contact us today for more information and to sign up for a class time. We’ll be glad to answer any questions you may have as well!

Dog pulling on leash

Loose Leash Walking

6 Classes | Private Group (2-3 ppl)

Your dog will Learn Loose Leash Walking to eliminate Pulling & No More Jumping! Now you will be able to open the front door without the dog rushing out! The first class is

a classroom session and five classes private sessions. 

No More Jumping!

No More Pulling!


Off Leash Recall

3 Classes | Private Sessions

Prerequisite: Loose Leash Walking

The course comes with 1  Dogtra E-collar valued at $280 and your dog will learn the

Come Command!

Dog with Family in Background
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