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Protection Training

Our Protection Training is an excellent way to feel safe and build a better relationship between you and your dog. The combination of obedience and bitework allows for you to have complete control 100% of the time.   

Is your dog Natural Protective but needs direction?

Do you have an active dog that needs an outlet?

Are you looking for protection for your family?

We can help your dog learn to defend you and your family. Keep you safe a night from any unwelcome guests! Your dog can run through a series of scenarios to protect you from break-ins, carjacking, theft and allow you to feel in control an safe!

Protection Times
Wednesday 6pm-9pm

Obedience Times:

Tuesday 7pm-7:45
Wednesday 12:30-1:15pm
Saturday 2pm-2:45
Sunday 2pm-2:45


Foundation Obedience
Advanced Obedience

Building Confidence of Puppies and Adult dogs to
protect your home & family!


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