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We accept all dog breeds!

K9 Koncepts serves dog owners in the Baltimore area with the best dog trainer & boarding services available. Our team is full of experienced dog lovers who will help train your dogs to be obedient, well behaved, and loving members of the family. We offer dog training and protection, scentwork, agility, puppy classes, canine training services to address aggressive behavior, and more. We also offer boarding services should your best furry friend need a place to stay when you’re away.

If you’re in need of additional dog care services, we also have bathing available. Choose from bathing services, nail care, hair care, and more. Contact us to learn more about the dog trainer, boarding, and dog care services we offer, and schedule an appointment today.


Here at K9 Koncepts dog training in Baltimore, Maryland, we teach dog owners how to train their dogs and be responsible for them. K9 Koncepts has been in business since October of 1998, but we have a lifetime of passion for training dogs.


Bill - Dog Training Director


Training Director

Bill has dedicated the better part of his life to dogs. He loves German Shepherds and has built his passion around this breed. He currently owns 2 shepherds Magic and Ava. Bill is excellent at finding solutions to special problems that clients have with their dogs. He loves seeing happy, healthy and well behaved dogs! Bill has earned many titles over the years, such as AKC's CD (Companion Dog), CDX (Companion Dog Excellent), Schutzhund 1 National Champion (2009), and Schutzhund 2. 



General Manager/Head Trainer

Kiki has a lifetime passion for training dogs that started growing up with shepherds in Germany. She started out as a customer at K9 Koncepts about 20 years ago and is now our Head Trainer conducting basic and advanced training classes. As Head Trainer she oversees our board & train progam. She is excellent at problem solving and rehabilitates dogs with aggressive behavior. Kiki has 5 dogs of her own that she has earned multiple titles in AKC Obedience and Schutzhund.



Trainer /Customer Contact

Danny started here as a customer in 2012 with a big dog named Boss. Danny successfuly titled this American Bully with his Schutzhund 1. Boss is now living the life in retirement, while Danny works his current competition dog, Vudoo, a Bouvier Des Flanders. Vudoo has her 1 & 2 title! She has also produced an amazing litter of puppies! Hopefully more to come!



Trainer / Customer Service Manager

Diamond has always loved animals and they have always gravitated toward her!  She attended North Harford Agricultural program which spurred her love for animal care. Her favorite breeds are all of the bully breeds because of the big heads and their lovable attitudes! She has experience with doggy day care, grooming and training.



Trainer Manager

Theo's experience with dogs started at a young age. Growing up around retrievers motivated his interest in working dog breeds. Theo previously trained obedience for guide dog organization. At K9 Koncepts you can find him teaching our Foundation Obedience and Aggressive class.

John - Decoy & Trainer


Decoy & Trainer

John has been training with K9 Koncepts for the past 6 years. He handles our extremely aggressive dogs for behavior modification. He owns 5 Cane Corsos, 1 Bouvier des Flanders and 1 Rottweiler. He is a very skilled decoy for our Protection Club. He builds up young pups to confident well performing dogs. He can help older dogs learn to protect their owner or compete in Schutzhund. He specializes in advanced obedience, building toy drive, tracking, bitework, and rehabilitating aggressive dogs.



 Operations Director

Kirsten grew up with Rottweilers and Scottish Terriers which she used to boss around as a young girl.  She runs the Board & Train program, Online Store Doggy Day Box, Social Media and systems within K9 Koncepts. She has been working with dogs all her life. She has been with K9 Koncepts for the past 10 years training her Rottweilers, Malinois, Bouvier des Flanders and Yorkie. She started as a customer and has now titled 5 dogs in Schutzhund earning IPO 1-3. In addition 2 dogs have earned Nosework 1 and 2. She enjoys dock diving and agility with her pups. She specializes in obedience, problem solving, aggressive dogs, and Board and train dogs.



Kennel Tech Manager




Kennel Tech












Kennel Tech


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