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K9 Koncepts Boarding

  • Climate Controlled Kennels

  • Individual outdoor porches

  • Individual play time, multiple times throughout the day

  • Access to spacious enclosed yard

  • Add on grooming, bathing, and other services

  • Bring your own food or purchase in-house at the drop-off time

  • Accommodates all sizes and special needs

State-of-the-Art Dog Boarding Services and Amenities

Ready to Book?

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Woo Hoo! To get Started We need to create you a profile in our Booking System! If you are a current customer login using your email and create a password!

Grande Dog


Must be easily handled, people friendly or neutral. Dog friendly or neutral. Ok with us touching them and putting on a leash to walk them.


Aggressive Dog


Secure inside and outside run for dogs that prefer a more solitary retreat due to bite history, dog or people aggression, or extreme nervousness or reactivity.


Drop Off & Pick Up times


Mon- Fri

Pick Up: 12pm-2pm  

Drop Off: 4pm-6:30pm


Sat & Sun

Pick Up: 9am-11am

Drop Off: 1pm-3pm

*We can accommodate outside these times it will be charged an additional night*

VAccines Must be sent Prior to STay

Submit by email to

or upload on your dogs boarding profile!

vaccine List



Bordetella Lepto


Parvo Shots

Refresher Training

For just $50 a day, your dog will get training sessions to help work on problem areas. Our trainers can help your dog while you are away with come, sit, down, stay and loose leash walking, jumping, place command, nail trim desensitization, greeting new people. Photos and videos from each session will get sent in following days report card.

Ask about our training today!

Climate Controlled Kennels


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Current Customer

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  6. You are now able to access your Dog’s Account & Upload Vaccination records! You can request boarding through the site!

New Customer



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  1. Fill Out Account information

  2. Click Continue to Pets

  3. Create Profiles for Each of your pets

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  5. You are now able to access your Dog’s Account & Upload Vaccination records! You can request boarding through the site!

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