Here at K9-Koncepts, we have state of the art kennels and amenities.  We accommodate all sizes and needs for your canine. We encourage that you bring your dog’s own food for the duration of their stay plus one extra day’s worth. House food may be feed during the stay and purchased at the time of drop off. Medications can also be arranged to be given during your dog’s stay.


All kennels climate controlled and have indivdual outdoor porches for pups to enjoy outdoors! Our staff also interact with our boarders individual play times, multiple times throughout the day and during feeding times. During play times, our guests will have access to spacious play yards and enclosed property. During the stay is a great time to get all bathing and grooming needs done. Fresh and ready for pick up!


Up to Date Vaccine Records are required for all services.

*Rabies, DHPP, Bordetella, Lepto & Parvo Shots*
Email them to

Pick Up/Drop Off Hours

  Weekdays (Monday-Friday) 

Pick Up: 12pm-2pm

Drop Off: 3pm-7pm


 Weekends (Saturday-Sunday

Pick Up: 9am-12pm

Drop Off: 12pm-3pm

*We can accommodate outside these times it will be charged an additional night*

Grande Dog


Small/Med/Large Kennels:

For dogs weighing 31 pounds or above


Aggressive Dog


Large Kennels: Secure inside and outside run for dogs that prefer a more solitary retreat due to bite history, dog or people aggression


Climate Controlled Kennels


Apply Below for Boarding Or submit Vaccination Records!

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Booking & Vaccinations

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 Regular Drop off Hours Weekday (3pm-7pm/Weekend 12pm-3pm)

If you need special drop off times, please book a day earlier to reserve your spot.

Regular Drop off Hours Weekday

(12pm-2pm/Weekend 9am-12pm)

If you need special pick up times, please book a day later to reserve your spot.

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