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Beginner Nosework
STARTS DEC 14th @ 6pm

Come learn a new way to have fun with your dog!

You will learn a handful of new skills and games to engage and play with your dog. Scent work or Nose work involves the dog learning to use their nose to locate specific scents.

  • Birch

  • Anise

  • Clove

Our program is 4 weeks long. We meet once a week. This class is great for all types of dogs, young, old, new to training to more advanced. Each dog gets their own time to learn how to find the different scents we hide. We teach you all the games so you can engage with your dog at home too!


Great for Confidence Building!
Thursday @ 6pm-6:45pm
$200 for 4 Sessions!

IF you have a shy or aggressive dog this is a GREAT class for you and your pup to enjoy!


We teach you everything you need to know!

Come join our fun weekly class where your dog learns to use their nose to find yummy treats! Great way to tire out your pup with just

45 mins of class!

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