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Come learn a new way to have fun with your dog!

Your dog will learn many new obstacles such as Jumps, Dog walk, Tunnel, Tire Jump, See-Saw, Weave poles, A-frame. This is a beginner level class for your dog to have fun, burn energy, learn to balance, rear-end awareness and build confidence!

Our program is 6 weeks long. We meet once a week. This class is great for all types of dogs, young, old, new to training to more advanced. We start out in a group and then work individually. Each dog gets their own time to learn each obstacle.

We teach you all you need to know. No prior training necessary.

agility 2023.jpg
agility 2023.jpg

Fun & Active


Beginner 6:30pm-7:15

Burn off Energy!

Ready to Learn New Skills!

People & Dog Friendly!

Group Class!

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